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Susan Leigh

Susan Leigh

Testimonial: Joseph E. Schumacher, PhD.


“I have known Susan for many years as her mentor, colleague, adviser, and friend. Most of our time together has been devoted to assisting the unfortunate, disadvantaged, homeless, and those suffering from addictive and other mental disorders.


Her devotion to this effort is simply to relieve suffering and improve quality of life of others. Susan is a gifted, deeply spiritual woman, writer, musician, and professional speaker with a combination of formal education and personal and professional experience in counseling, theology, and law. I am fortunate to call her my friend and confidant."


Joseph E. Schumacher, PhD. Professor of Medicine

Clinical Addiction Psychologist

Testimonial: DeAnn DuBose B.A.


“I have been privileged to know Susan for the past 7 years. I have witnessed her God-given talents through her roles as a counselor, speaker, singer/songwriter, worship leader/musician, storyteller, author, wife and mother.


She reaches her audience with the warmth and compassion of Jesus. She intuitively understands how to connect with people from all walks of life...leading them towards inner healing and a closer relationship with God and others using the Word, her spiritual giftings, common sense and a feisty, Southern-style sense of humor.


She speaks from her life experiences and expertise in the arenas of psychology, counseling/prayer ministry, church and the business world...bringing wisdom, love and hope to those around her. Her loyal, loving friendship is a great blessing to me. I hope you take the opportunity to be blessed by God through her as well.”



DeAnn DuBose B.A., Information and Computer Science
Member, Orphan and Prayer Team Ministries, 
Inverness Vineyard Church, B'ham, AL

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